Concert Review: A.K.A. at PS 14 Spider Pussy



PS 14

August 22, 2007

Better Than: Getting jumped, robbed and stabbed by a group of raging women.

The Review:

A.K.A., the all lady trio voted 2007’s best female band by the Miami New Times, held one of their last shows at PS 14’s, Spider Pussy, on Tuesday before they split to an upcoming show in California. The girls, having gathered up a loyal fan base throughout the past few years, managed to pull off a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning party, which even included the company of a few Californians who traveled all the way from the left coast to hang with the Miami locals.

Hours before the ladies took the stage, DJ Al B. Rotten, who has been co-coordinating the Spider Pussy parties with Rafael Deonate for quite some time, spun the usual music you’d consistently hear at all the Design District’s clubs, including: Interpol, the Killers, Dead or Alive, The Bravery, the Gorillaz, Mount Sims, Le Tigre, Bloc Party and Justin Timberlake. I’m not sure how Justin Timberlake fits into the list but he’s hot and can therefore manage to shove himself into anything. Either way, the music kept the girls entertained while they prepared for their performance by shoveling down shots and dancing around with the crowd. Even after I saw Lori (the lead singer/guitarist) guzzle down some alcohol, she still managed to chant out high notes at the equivalent of Save Ferris’ Monique Powell. In fact, their musical style closely resembles Save Ferris, without the trumpets. Theirs is a fast paced, positive, quasi-punk style of music with an underlying cutesy pop that makes you want to skank through a field of sunshine and flowers, while intoxicated on uppers.

When A.K.A, Lori Garrote (vocals/guitar), Nabedi Osorio (Drums), and Natalie Martinez (bass), finally climbed up on stage, the whole crowd rushed to the front in a Manson-Family-like stupor, and began chanting their name. Someone on the soundboard kept on messing up the vocals but it seemed like I was the only one who noticed. Understandably, the crowd was enchanted, as it’s not too often that we get to see local and energetic hot chicks entertain us with any kind of musical talent. Some of the girls’ songs included: “Whoa Whoa,” which is a classically punk lyric, “Never,” which is about dirty perverts with false hopes of ever getting laid by hot chicks at the bar, “Everything you said,” and “Break Free,” which is basically about knowing yourself and breaking away from droned out middle-class cycles. It’s for all you fake bitches. -- Lucy Orozco

Critics Notebook:

Personal Bias: I give major props to these girls for going out there and representing for this city’s music scene, so that maybe one day Miami can finally be known for music, and not cocaine. Will this ever happen?!

Random Detail: The girls will be coming out with their first CD entitled “Break Free,” sometime during the next few months. It will include 12 tracks, meaning that they will be producing some new music, so look out for that.

By The Way: A.K.A. will be performing at Tavern this Thursday August 23 and you should definitely hit up their MySpace for future dates.