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Video: Juanes' Paz Sin Fronteras Concert in Cuba

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We've for the most part stayed away from this topic over the course of the past several weeks. Meanwhile, fans of America TV across the city have watched pundits on every show in the lineup debating Juanes' motives for going to perform in Cuba in the controversial concert Paz Sin Fronteras (Peace Without Borders), analyzing what it means across various landscapes, not least of which the musical and political, and just generally waxing punditry. The reason for avoidance, it's a charged issue and opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one, and they tend to be attached.

So, now that the concert has taken place, let's see if we can't round up a few of those from readers (opinions, not assholes). The whole thing went down yesterday in La Plaza de la Revolucion (The Plaza of Revolution) before hundreds of thousands, with an all-star lineup including La Mujer de Fuego herself (the woman of fire) Olga Tañon, Cuban ex-pats Orishas and Yerba Buena, Miguel Bose, the granddaddy of Cuban descarga bands, Los Van Van, and of course, Miami resident and Latin pop phenom Juanes, among others. Throughout the show, artists expressed positive emotions and spoke of peace and unity. However, the message was at times, if not tainted, at least sullied by the specter of communism looming in the background as a particular recurring shot displayed a building with a mural bearing the face of Che Guevara.

Okay, that's the basic version, and here you have a couple more vids for your viewing pleasure. So sound off. Let's hear what you guys think. Was this a bad move? Does it really support the communist regime, even if inadvertently? Or does it truly provide a brief repose from the political mire that has been Cuba for over 50 years? Can you set politics aside in a country like Cuba?

I don't know. I'm feeling a bit verklempt now. Talk amongst yourselves.