Video: ANR's "Big Problem" is Gory, Grisly and NSFW

Former Florida State Senator Jimmy Winger is on the loose following some ecological improprieties and he's dangerous! That's the premise of ANR's new video for "Big Problem," an unbelievably catchy track off Stay Kids that was released as a 7-inch recently via Discosoma.

According to Stereogum, where the video had its official premiere, this creepy clip is culled from a 12-minute horror flick created with support from Miami's Borscht group and director Lucas Leyva.

Definitely some unpleasant images inside, including a woman getting impaled through both of her nipples, so please view with caution. And whatever you do, don't smoke that poison weed.

ANR - "Big Problem" from stereogum on Vimeo.

Any inspiration coming from this classic theme here?

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