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Viva le Vox Homecoming Show: Crazy Crowd Photos

Local band Viva le Vox has been touring the country and spreading its music and antics to anyone who will listen. Granted, the band is damned good at putting on a show that in the past has been part lascivious, part backwoods rockabilly, and part crazy-eyed.

The crowd that comes to its shows isn't much different from the band itself, and last night was no exception. Pinup girls pinched nipples, men licked their ladies' faces, and a band member tried to take someone's pants off. Typical.

We have a full slide show from Viva le Vox's homecoming show with the Goddamn Gallows and the Loxahatchee Sinners Union at Poorhouse.

More important, here are some photos that weren't necessarily published before. 

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