Ultra Music Festival

Naked Dancing Dude Gets Arrested at Ultra Music Festival 2013 (NSFW VIDEO)


Let's get fucking weird.

Indeed, that's among the Beat Freak Generation's fave mottos.

But sometimes shit can get so weird that you end up praying face-down in a public park, slapping your own ass, and bounding around to a sweet beat while the cops slowly encircle your nude uhntz-uhntz-ing self.

Last year, we met a girl having a full-blown romance with a tree. And today we've got this naked dancing dude at Ultra Music Festival 2013. Just check the cut for the full NSFW video.

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Now ...

We here at New Times didn't shoot this particular naked dancing dude vid. And we aren't entirely sure whether the police arrested Mr. Let's Get Fucking Weird. Or just gave him a ride back to the hotel for a cold shower.

Of course, as professional journalists, we have contacted the Miami PD's spokesman. And he says there is currently no record of this guy's arrest.

Still, stay locked to New Times for all developments in the naked dancing dude story.

And in the meantime ... Rave on.