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MP3 of the Day: Fsik Huvnx (David Brieske)

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David Brieske
Do not try to wrap your pretty little head around this track, "Crossing the Frozen Lands." Nah. That is not the way art works, at least not for me and I'm only a heady guy when it involves booze and whores and narcotics... think about it baby! You're in the Crossfade Blog trolling for new sounds! You're not going over my esteemed colleagues' words wondering about art! You're here for music! And guess what dickie(s)? Music is art, artists make music and musicians make art. Got it? I hope so! Cuz I'm too far into the bottle now to explain it any better but know this: David Brieske is a local artist with whom I've had the pleasure to talk with at length about music and the man's taste is spotless; maybe a little too weird and off the path for some, but spotless in my book and when he forwarded me this track I was giddy and nervous and a little who knows what with anticipation and the payoff is a surreal and lush landscape of paranoia, low-ends, simple tweaks and ruminations that while creepy at first, work like sublime muzak: relaxing the soul... and baby, the soul needs relaxing! However, do not ask me to sound out the name of the project.

MP3: Fsik Huvnx - "Crossing the Frozen Lands