Electropop Band Crying Will Have You Emoting in Margate

Crying, a New York City electropop band with an emotional name, calls its sound "sunshine pop," "porn groove," and "crime funk," all which evoke a lot of feelings. The trio includes guitarist Ryan Galloway, singer Elaiza Santos, and drummer Nick Corbo.

The band's peculiar name was not inspired by a specific incident, nor an emotive action done regularly by members. Instead, Galloway stated that when recording its new EP, the band merely tried to find a simple moniker that no other band had snatched up.

"We used to check and Crying wasn't taken," he explained. "It had nothing to do with our music." So, don't expect to do any weeping at its Talent Farm-promoted show at O'Malley's tonight in Margate.

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When we asked what it was like as the lone female in the group, Santos explained, "I'm very lucky Ryan and Nick share patience, respect, and support for me as a non-male artist and person. It's too often I meet guys in other bands and think, 'Wow, it's people like you who remind me why I have a solo project or how much I appreciate the ones who are trying to prove that [working with] "dudes" can be otherwise.'"

She continued that her bandmates have brought out her curiosity and fostered her self-confidence. "I want to impress myself all the time!" she said.

Crying is on tour to promote its second album, Get Olde/Second Wind, a compilation of its remastered first EP Get Olde and a new batch of songs. The three were in Nashville during our interview and have played four shows in the Sunshine State in the past.

"They've all been satisfying and from outer space in their own way," Galloway said about the experiences. "I'm most looking forward to thinking about Melt Channel," he revealed, singling out an indie pop band from Tallahassee."

Lastly, we decided to ask if the band had any additional comments. It left us with a few words of possible wisdom: "Try Sprecher's Cream Soda."

Will do, Crying, will do.

Modern Baseball, Crying, Knuckle Puck, Somos, and Cayetana, 6 p.m. December 5, at O'Malley's, 1388 Florida 7, Margate. Tickets cost $15. Visit

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