Rube Goldberg Photography Machine's Lust for Life

2D Photography Inc. has come to attention recently for posting a video of an intricate Rube Goldberg Machine. Already a YouTube sensation, the theme of the intricate setup is naturally based around photography. While a sight to see on its own, we at County Grind felt that it could be brought up a notch by adding a theme song, so we did.

In the process of selecting the right song, we thought of what traits fit a Rube Goldberg Machine. They are whimsical, over-the-top, waggish, time-tested classics. This immediately made of think of one man in particular, a man that encompasses all of these elements. We are of course referring to Iggy Pop. We chose the song "Lust for Life" because the upbeat tempo accompanies the video's steady pacing of wonder after wonder. We tip our hats to the people who dedicate the time and dedication to bringing something as entertaining to as this for all to watch.

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