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Usher Marries Pregnant Girlfriend


Say it ain't so!

First, rumors keep popping up that Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa are getting a divorce--which entitles the soon-to-be ex Mrs. Bryant to HALF of everything Kobe is worth. It's California and they had no pre-nup. No sympathy there... fools and their money always part. You know the drill.

But Usher... what's going on?

It seemed as if he was smart enough to avoid this trap, and when the 28-year-old singer called off his wedding last week to a 37-year-old divorced mother with three children (HELLO) it appeared he had wised up. For those that don't know the story...Usher and his former stylist, Tameka Foster, started dating 18 months ago...she left her husband for Usher, and then announced that she was pregnant and that the two were expecting their first child this fall. Tr-Tr-Trap! Anyway, so Usher tries to do the stand-up thing and marry the woman..even though the ink wasn't even dry on her divorce papers yet. Mother disapproved and wasn't even invited to the wedding. Drama Drama Drama. The general feeling was that Tameka (who looks like a man) plans to hit up Usher for everything he's worth.

So when the wedding was nixed last week it appeared that he had at least taken the advice of his mother, friends, family, and everyone else with a brain that told him not to marry this lady.

But that isn't the case, and on Friday, Usher and Foster were married at a SMALL ceremony inside of his attorney's office. Read the story here. --Jonathan Cunningham