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Destroyio Records and ENOUGH!, Miami Fucking Punk Rock

ENOUGH! is Fabio Destroyio, Homer, and Mikey Steele.
​Fuck y'all know about ENOUGH!? Probably not enough.

Well, there's not enough Miami punk rock. Not enough people going to shows. Not enough bands, not enough venues, not enough glass to break, levels on the volume knob, beer to drink, fences to jump, bikes to ride, skateboards to thrash, mosh pits to slam. There's not enough of a lot of shit, but there is ENOUGH! and they do represent gotdammit, and they are playing shows, lots of em', thanks to Destroyio Records.

Fabio Destroyio
​Look, see, there's proof. January 28th, Destroyio Records presents Testicular Dancer, Baker Acted, Guerrilleros De Nadie, Guilty Fingers, and M-66 live at Churchill's Pub in Little Haiti.

Alright, so they're not actually playing that show. But they will be there. And they are playing on February 5th at the same place. Here's some of our exclusive audio from ENOUGH!

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