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Flyer of the Week: Bunnygrunt at Propaganda August 26

​As a little runt in the late '80s, I owned a rabbit's foot keychain. And really, didn't everyone? Back then, lucky bunny body parts were still a genuine fixture of pop culture. Today though, the hallowed tradition of carrying a severed rodent's leg on your person as some sort of amulet against evil mojo seems to be in serious decline. It's a shame. And personally, I blame PETA and Bunny Lovers magazine for needlessly destroying an ancient tradition while decimating the novelty keychain industry in the process. 

Sadly, there's nothing you or I can do to restore the golden era of the rabbit's foot, but we can improve our luck by checking out St. Louis-based twee punks Bunnygrunt when they ramble through Propaganda next Friday. Founded in 1993, the band has seen some heavy roster rotation, although guitarist Matt Harnish and drummer Karen Ried have always served as the solid core. Their sound is a little bit jangle, a little bit cute, and just the right amount of evil. Meanwhile, fellow Missouri crew Sex Robots -- imagine a wasteoid Johnny Thunders jamming with an animatronic Thin Lizzy -- will kick in some good vibes of their own. In short, it'll be all the good fortune with zero rabbit sacrifice. 

Wednesday, August 26. Propaganda, 6 South J St., Lake Worth. Doors open at 8 p.m. Ages 21+ with ID. 561-547-7273;