Listen to Arboles Libres' New Album, Father, Thanks to PureHoney

If you grew up in South Florida, you can appreciate a sprinkle of Spanish with your rock. You don't have to "get" what the singer is saying or "understand" any of the message. There's a certain emotional element you can relate to, having been raised in this diverse swampland.
That's why psych-folk, Latin rock outfit Arboles Libres works so well 'round these parts. Its sound is as if Weezer and Calexico had a baby in Latin America and Santana raised it while tripping on acid. 

You might have gotten to know a thing or two about the trio on the third installment of Audio Junkie (if not, check it out after the jump). The band just released its new album on YouTube thanks to Afflux ClubPureHoney events, and Listen to Father right here in its entirety. You're guaranteed to sway and bang your head, depending on the tune. There's even a version of "Sweet Caroline" in Spanglish. Dale! 

Arboles Libres' Father

Audio Junkie Three: Arboles Libres