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Ten Most Notorious Miami Heat Fans: From Stitches to Jimmy Buffett

Local rapper and internet phenomenon Stitches has made it known he loves the Miami Heat. In his artistic "Brick in Yo Face" video, one of his homeboys is wearing a LeBron James Heat jersey. In return for the love shown by Stitches, the Miami Heat warmed up to "Brick in Yo Face" before playoff games.

In recent radio interviews, Stitches let it be known he'd like to sit courtside for some of the World Champion's upcoming Heat games. At first glance, it seems unlikely a family-friendly sports team would want someone with an assault rifle tattooed on his cheek associated with its brand, but our hometown has a history of infamous b-ball fans. Here's a list of ten of the most notorious Heat lovers.


10. Jimmy Buffett

The singer of "Margaritaville" has a reputation for being chill, but not when it comes to basketball. The longtime Heat season ticket holder was kicked out of a Heat versus Knicks game in 2001 for cursing at a referee. In response, then Heat Coach Pat Riley told the ref, "You must not be a Parrothead." The referee, unaware "Parrothead" was a term for Buffett fans, told Riley if he insulted him again, he'd be ejected too.

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9. Justin Bieber

The onetime Lakers fan showed up at American Airlines Arena for last year's Eastern Conference Finals with a bejeweled Miami Heat baseball cap, sunglasses, and a stone-cold poker face. The complete stranger sitting next to Bieber at the game found herself inundated with hate tweets from Beliebers who thought she was the teen idol's girlfriend.

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