Aura Recap, Part 2: Heat and Glow Things Galore (Photos)

​Saturday morning, folks woke up to clear skies, and the daylight hours were spent minimally clothed, soaking up the sun. Festival children frolicked barefoot, enjoying dry grass where there was mud the night before. Many started their day with yoga on the main stage at noon, and hung around to check out the music that began shortly afterwards.

Others chilled around their campsites for much of the day, enjoying the shade and each other's company, cooking up food and chatting about the previous night's music and adventures.

When the sun began to descend, though, most everyone gravitated toward the stages for a raging Saturday night of music and madness. The day had been a hot one, and despite the dropping air temperature, the night would prove to be even hotter.

The Heavy Pets played at sunset, once again bringing a fun feeling into the air. For their grand finally, the Pets brought a dozen or so people onto the stage to lead a group sing-a-long of "Instant Karma."

Immediately following the Pets, Brothers Past plugged in for two sets of beautiful music. The band blends great songwriting with extended, extremely psychedelic jams. Though they had sound issues in the beginning, once they got going, they really rolled.

From here the night's energy only built as Papadosio delivered their jamtronic sweetness and Zoogma rearranged brains with their uber trippy, effects drenched sounds. For many, Zoogma's was the set of the weekend.

As the musicians rocked the stage, dancers rocked the grounds, many equipped with mind blowing light-up hula hoops and fire.

When folks needed respite from the flashing lights and loud sounds, they entered the dome--a beautiful chill space created by the Tribal Council. Inside, healing crystals, incense, and Buddha statues sat atop tables, cushions covered the ground, and spiritual texts were scattered about. DJs spun chill music and transportational visuals were projected onto the ceiling. People spoke, recited poetry, exchanged massages, read, meditated, and relaxed together. The dome was a key element to the overall vibe of the fest.

When folks were ready to explore again, there was much to discover, including glowing art installations.

For many, Saturday night continued into Sunday morning, and for some, all the way into Sunday night.

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