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West Palm Beach's the KillBillies Head on Tour, and They'll Let You Stalk Them All the Way to Vermont

Gritty melodic West Palm Beach trio the KillBillies create an incredible blend of folk jams with a punk attitude. It's as if Mumford and Sons and the Clash-lite had a baby. And then say that baby was drinking at an Irish pub enjoying a jaunty country tune. Well, that baby would be the KillBillies. Their name may be reminiscent of a gruesome horror flick telling the tale of redneck killers, but their music has a much more wholesome appeal. With their unique sound and explosive live shows, the trio will hopefully gather a slew of new fans as they head northward next week for a late-summer East Coast tour.

The rowdiness and raw talent that emanates from each band member will undoubtedly turn a few northern heads. Lead singer, guitarist, and sax man Ben Childs spearheads the live shows with his energetic vocals, along with Micah Scott, who swings the steel guitar, banjo, and even mandolin. Their sound is rounded out by Luke Pennell, who dominates the stand-up bass, turning the instrument into a stage prop and making it all look so easy. Notably missing from the trio is a drummer, but don't spill your Guinness over it. Childs and Scott have it covered, keeping extra busy on stage by using their feet to create the percussion with kick drums.

The guys hit the road on August 1 on a completely self-booked tour and

didn't leave much room for getting lost or checking out tourist crap.

Show days are booked back to back and sometimes states apart. While

being cramped in a van for two weeks may sound like a nightmare to

most, the KillBillies claim this type of pressure-cooker situation gets

the creative juices flowing. The trio will set up some recording

equipment in the tour van so they can lay down their latest inspired tracks at a moment's notice.

South Florida will miss the jaunty tunes of the KillBillies, but to ease

any separation anxiety, the band set it up so that we can cyber-stalk its every move. The crew plans to keep fans updated via its Facebook page throughout the grueling odyssey and is even working on a documentary of the journey.

Considering the excitement and talent fueling this tour, it's shocking

to think that it almost didn't happen. Mere months ago, Pennell suffered from a hernia that had punctured his intestine, and on

June 4, the KillBillies sent out a message to the internet gods asking

for any donations to help Luke receive the surgery he so desperately

needed to survive. In less than 27 hours, fans from around the world gathered around the band and raised the necessary funds to put Pennell

back onstage. He was truly humbled by the experience, stating, "I owe

my life to a bunch of good people -- many I've never met -- from all over

the world. It goes to prove that even when you lose faith in a system

meant to help and heal the sick and wounded, people will come together

and take care of their own."

The KillBillies have a big heart and plenty of talent to back it up.

Keep a close watch on this band, and follow along as it moves beyond

South Florida and sweeps the rest of the nation.

The KillBillies still have a few local gigs before the tour starts in August:
7/26: O'Shea's Irish Pub in West Palm from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

7/27: Paddy Mac's in Palm Beach Gardens from 9 p.m. to midnight

7/28: Carson's Tavern in Stuart from 9 p.m. to midnight

The KillBillies 2012 East Coast Tour Dates

8/1: Worm Hole, Savannah, GA

8/2: TBA

8/3: Hank's Saloon, Brooklyn, NY

8/4-5: BayHouse Restaurant, Breezy Point, NY

8/6: LIC Bar, Queens, NY

8/7: Trash Bar, NY

8/8: Radio Bean, Burlington, VT

8/9: Charlies 0's, Montpelier, VT

8/10: Big G's with with Stem in Whitehall, PA

8/11: Valentines and the Luck Juke Box Brigade, Albany, NY

8/12: Rondoutmusic Lounge with Everymen, Kingston, NY

8/13: Oasis with Everymen, New Paltz, NY

8/14: TBA

8/15: Snug Harbor- Charlotte, NC

8/16: RootBar, Asheville, NC

8/17: Sloppy Taco Palace Orlando, FL

8/18: TBA

For more info on the gigs and venues visit killbillies.info.