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What Is Lloyd's Favorite Guns N' Roses Song?

R&B genre bender Lloyd is back with his finest album yet, King of Hearts, and last week he showed off one of the finest skull tattoos ever inked. Now before you get it twisted, this is not a tattoo of a skull, but it's wrapping around the back of the singer's freshly shaved head.

Now it's no ice cream cone with lightning bolts coming out of it, but a massive Guns N' Roses assemblage is a pretty bold permanent statement -- City Pages loves it too. What has already come out about this choice of body art is what he told 106 & Park during a recent visit: "I'm a walking contrast. I go from hard to soft. I go from the guns to roses, which is in my tat, and I like to go from the streets to the sheets. I make street-savvy R&B music, but I also like to slow it down and be sensual at times."

But the big question that got ignored was which part of Axl Rose's oeuvre hits Lloyd the hardest? Although we didn't ask if he could forgive the wait for Chinese Democracy, we did recently get the Young Money singer on the phone, prior to his upcoming tour stop in West Palm Beach with Lil Wayne, to settle the matter.

Here is the body art in question:

Admittedly, this was an early-morning interview, and our man was still gathering his thoughts.

New Times: What is your favorite Guns N' Roses song?

Lloyd: I can't think of any [laughs] at the moment. Give me a few.

What about stuff from Appetite for Destruction, like "Sweet Child o' Mine" or "Welcome to the Jungle"?

That's it. Gold. Right there. "Welcome to the Jungle," all that.

So perhaps we didn't get to the point of comparing Buckethead and Bumblefoot's guitar work, but still. Much more from the interview as the concert approaches.

Lil Wayne's "I Am Still Music Tour." With Lloyd, Rick Ross, Keri Hilson, and Far East Movement. 7 p.m. Tuesday, August 2, at Cruzan Amphitheatre, 601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $29.75. Click here.

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