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D.C. Rapper Proverb Responds to Jay-Z Diss Track

How intriguing are the NBA playoffs this year?

Every night, brand new drama unfolds. It's more like a soap opera with athletes than anything and the latest clap-back diss song aimed at rapper Jay-Z proves that.

If you're late to the party...Washington Wizards star DeShawn Stevenson and LeBron James don't get along. LeBron might be banging his girl (rumor)...DeShawn has already taken multiple swipes at LeBron's face (real)...and rappers Soulja Boy (Clown) and Jay-Z (the Honeymooner) have gotten involved in the process.

That part is mostly comical. But the city of D.C. has gotten the worst end of this feud without a doubt.

Thankfully, a D.C. rapper named Proverb with beach balls for gonads has stepped up out of nowhere and aimed a diss track straight at Jay-Z.

In my opinion, it was well needed...and you can click on this link... hear the track.

For a rather funny visual to accompany that here.

-Jonathan Cunningham