Ruben Blades Playing James L. Knight Center November 21

If you or someone you know ever gets that smug sense of accomplishment, that they've done so much with their lives or they're just crazy busy and don't have time for much else, and you'd like to knock them down a peg or two, have them look up Ruben Blades' resume.

Ruben is a salsa singer, songwriter, lawyer, actor, jazz musician, and politician to name a few. And we're not talking some hack here: He graduated from Harvard Law, ran for president of Panama in 1994, had a role in Predator 2, and is an insanely popular and successful singer and musician, especially in Panama. Mr. Blades is taking some time off politicking, acting, and lawyering to sing at the James L. Knight Center on November 21. Tickets are on sale today through Ticketmaster and start at $62. Hit the jump to sample the goods.