Concert Preview: Aymee Nuviola at Club Mystique


Aymee Nuviola will play Mystique on Saturday, July 14th.

On more than one occasion Aymee Nuviola has emphasized her inability to socialize and vocal inclination as traumatic hurdles she encountered as an adolescent.

“A raspy voice and lack of social skills will do that to you,” says Nuviola. “Let’s just say I had my share of problems blending in socially.”

But anybody who witnessed her on-stage bravado several months ago alongside an international sonero as she bantered with band members through improvisations and riffs would declare, “Holy psychologists and voice teachers!”

It’s been over 20 years since Pachito Alonso tapped her to join his band in Cuba and soon after Nuviola was recording Luis Rios’ famed “Que Manera de Quererte” (What a Way to Love You) among other hits while traveling the world.

With a profound and piercing voice, and one which is routinely lauded as exemplary in local circles, the Cuban singer continues to be sought out by the heaviest hitters in the genre – she recently recorded a duet with Andy Montanez.

Nuviola is known to spice things up with an extensive stable – and prolonged improvisations - of Cuban classics including Beny More’s “Francisco Guayabal."

Word has it she is working on wrapping up an album and has cornered several of her pals to collaborate on the effort, including boy wonder Rey Ruiz, but first things first. -- Fernando Ruano

Aymee Nuviola will perform Saturday, July 14 at Club Mystique inside the Miami Airport Hilton, 5101 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami. For additional information call (305) 262-1000.