Heart with Brynn Marie - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - November 9 | New Times Broward-Palm Beach


Heart with Brynn Marie - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - November 9


With Brynn Marie

Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

Sunday, November 9, 2014

You wanna polarize and/or destroy musical canons? Go ahead. If you've flown into the full fancy of sacrificing a sacred cow, nobody is going to stop you because, clearly, you're a crazy person. Or maybe you've flown into the sun. How would we know, you heap of ashes, you?

Good. Let's meet half way. Let's talk about Heart and let's talk about what you'd expect.

What you'd expect and receive are two different things. You'd expect a ride, a free ride. Heart opened with a tour de force that never looked back; quite frankly, it was nothing but full on balls and gumption from the second the spotlight descended upon Nancy Wilson.

After that, it was pure rock and roll bliss.

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Touring mate Brynn Marie opened up the evening with a spirited, 40-minute performance that was a chockfull of middle-era Linda Ronstadt music. Perhaps a little too much given her relative younger-ish age, but now that I've had the jurisprudence of thought, maybe not; Marie really brought a good, even-keeled opener for Heart fans. As young as she is, we can only hope that she comes into a full fold and starts releasing albums of unadulterated originals very soon.

She was that good, her pipes are that strong.