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Ten Under $10 For the Weekend of November 20 - 22: 2 Live Crew, Tobacco Road's 97th, and More

Friday, November 20

*Everyone raised here likes 2 Live Crew, pretty much. So everyone we've mentioned this party to is excited about the fact that the group is playing for just $10 tonight at White Room in Miami. Click here for full details.  

*Tonight is day one of the 97th birthday celebration for Tobacco Road in Miami! Lots of local favorites play, and admission is $10. Click here for full details. 

*Lake Worth songwriter extraordinaire John Ralston plays at Lake Worth venue extraordinaire Propaganda; the special thing tonight is a between-bands appearance by the "Beards of Comedy," from Georgia. Admission is $8; click here to read more about them.

*Multi-instrument whiz Fernando Perdomo and songwriting chanteuse Sol Ruiz play together at Moonchine in Miami. Admission is free, but it's a restaurant -- luckily the food there is cheap (and tasty). Click here to visit Sol Ruiz's MySpace page.

Saturday, November 21

*The vaguely psychedelic new local acts Arboles Libres, Flower Flower Yes, and Ice Cream play a free in-store at Sweat Records in Miami. Click here for full show details, and click here for a free MP3 from Ice Cream. 

*Get schooled in real hip-hop culture tonight at the Sixth Annual Organic Hip-Hop Artist Showcase. It's at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center in Miami, and admission is $7, or $5 with two cans of food. Click here for full details.

*It's day two of Tobacco Road's 97th birthday party, and again, admission is $10. If you missed the link just a few sentences above, click here for full details. 

*Local bluesman Albert Castiglia can always be found playing somewhere over the weekend; tonight he's at Rosey Baby in Sunrise. Admission is freeClick here for full details. 

Sunday, November 22

*At Harvey's on the Bay -- that's the official name for the bar at the American Legion in Miami -- today is a party called PIG, or "Pig Is Good." It's an event to celebrate all the delicious parts of the animal, hosted by Chef Jeremiah. He's Rick Ross' personal chef, and have you seen the size of that guy? Jeremiah isn't playing around when it comes to food. The soundtrack comes from live acoustic sets by Afrobeta, Elastic Bond, and Uncle Scotchy, and admission is freeClick here for full details. 

*Relaxed reggae staples Spred the Dub play at Bull Bar in Delray Beach for freeClick here for full details.