Benefit Art Event Tonight for Badly Injured Brew Urban Cafe Barista

Dialect Art.jpg
​A barista at Brew Urban Cafe's Victoria Park location was struck by a moving vehicle over the weekend during the Broward County Critical Mass ride, according to several local sources. In a posting at South Florida Fixed, Crystal Ruiz-Mills is hospitalized with several broken bones in her back.

A Paypal account receiving donations has been set up, and tonight's Dialect art event at the downtown Fort Lauderdale Brew Urban Cafe location (209 SW 2nd Avenue at Himmarshee) will allow another opportunity for folks to offer financial support for Ruiz-Mills' medical bills.

The 8 p.m. show features multimedia by Vionette, Gwen Gersch, Nate Dee, Jeff Dekal, Cindy Shaw, Steve Baum, Gil Celia, Richard Vergez, Tobi Salver, and Lindsay Grace. Twilight Notes DJs Esoteric, Adam Foster, and Sensitive Side will provide a wealth of music to accompany the event.