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Public Access Treasures From YouTube, Part 2

Here's one of the few other videos about South Florida music that I could find on YouTube. And this one is truly sort of amazing -- it's a tiny clip from what the poster says was South Florida's only ever cable access show devoted to metal and hardcore. Of course it was!

According to the info posted with the video, the show was called Raw Power, the host was named Alex B., and this dates from about 1996. What's awesome from a history-vaults perspective is, in this clip, the host is holding up his favorite local rock zines at the time, along with their contact info.

Anyone else miss zines?! In the mid-Nineties here there were still quite a lot, and a couple with some serious (relatively) national distribution -- Rational Inquirer, Scam, and OpenZine come to mind. (That's off the top of my head, don't get offended and feel free to add on if I left something out).

Here, Alex. B. shouts out R.I. (I had that issue!! Anyone remember if that one was about Electric Frankenstein!? Cover is illegibile and my copy is lost to the sands of time.) Then he shouts out something else I missed in that era called The Right Path, and finally, Feast of Hate and Fear.

Again, anyone who wrote these zines or had anything to do with the show, write in and update me on what you're up to! -- Arielle Castillo