Big Boi's "General Patton" Revamped for NFL Playoffs

Big Boi has reworked a song that is almost certainly on Michael Vick's iPod, "General Patton," to usher in the NFL Playoffs. "Get the South's dick up out yo mouth" is gone, but the fury remains in this G-rated ode to Wild Card Sunday set to a fine moment from his solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. Choicest line: "Today is a green day, it's all about Philly and Green Bay/ One of which will be sick when they home watchin' the replay."

Hopefully he's contracted do do some more of these spots. When his hometown Atlanta Falcons begin action a week from now, we're already praying for a new verse rhyming "Roddy White" and "Dirty Birds take flight." Revel below.

"General Patton" for Pepsi Max Audible:

The original "General Patton" clip:

[via Global Grind]

Watch the Green Bay Packers Wild Card matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday at 4:30 ET on Fox.