Boca's Fallen From the Sky Invades Hialeah

The melodic punk rock of Fallen From the Sky has been going strong for about a decade now. Their presence was never fully felt in the 305. 

Now, we know a thing or two, and we know that if you're going to start an incursion into new, or even old, territory, you might as well do so by entering through the most picturesque routes available. And what could possibly be more picturesque than the traffic-filled, chicken-shack clusterfuck of Hialeah? 

Well, at least, you'll likely stumble upon dealings with Mountain Dew and some cool pals to share the stage with. When Fallen From the Sky finds their way into the lovely Hialeah, they'll be on the bill with some of our favorite local outfits like Hit Play! who'll be shooting footage for an upcoming video, and Plains playing live for the last time in South Florida before heading to the SXSW festival this year. 

Arsenal 88 will bring all the chops they are known for, ensuring Boca's hardest working punkers enjoy the drive back home. Icelandic darlings Pool Party are the actual umbrella that brings this party together since it celebrates their bassist Dick Dumb's birthday.

Never failing to capitalize on promotional idealism, they're billing this event as "Dick's Cheesy Rock N' Roll Barfday Bash!" Which sounds sensationalist, but is completely true due to the following factors: 

1) ten dollar admissions gets you all you can drink beer

2) South Florida's sexiest cheese griller Ms. Cheezious will be on premises to supply some good grub, and

3) these five bands on their on bring the rock, together they're the fucking Voltron of South Florida punk rock.

Fallen From the Sky - "Rebuilder"

Fallen From the Sky with Arsenal 88, Hit Play!, Plains, and Pool Party at 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 10 at The Annex, 9811 NW 80 Avenue, Hialeah.

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