Designer Drugs at White Room September 8


Gotta love the Designer Drugs.

No not those designer drugs, we're talking about Designer Drugs, the DJ duo from New York. The duo will stop by Miami September 8, as part of their mini-tour of Florida, where they will take over the decks of White Room's Monday night bash Exposure.

These boys have played at parties like Dim Mak in Los Angeles and Ruff Club in New York, and are also residents at one of Philadelphia's biggest parties called Live Forever. You can also scour the internet and find plenty of official and unofficial remixes done by the pair, as well as some original tracks.

In case you don't believe in their pure unadulterated awesomeness, we are always here to provide you the audio proof. You can download their mixes, titled Datamix 01 and Datamix 02, which includes the likes of Justice, Timbaland, Boys Noize, Feist, Armand Van Helden and more. The mixes were done in 2007, so some of the tracks have been, er, a bit overplayed since then, but their skill level is still there. Also, you can listen to their remixes of Thieve Like Us' "Drugs In My Body" below.

-- Jose D. Duran