Billy Corgan Passes Out in Tampa

We were all shocked/outraged/saddened/confused when we heard that Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan took a spill at his show in Tampa on Wednesday.

He seemed energized and true to SP form at his show at Revolution on Tuesday, and the only time we realized how tired he was took place when he actually told the audience, and chatted us up, stalling for time while he caught his breath. Even stranger, still, people only heard about it because he tweeted it, saying,


for those that saw me fall last night during Bullet, that wasn't a

stage move or clumsiness, that was me blacking out and wiping out... I

have no memory of falling against the drum riser and my guitar cabinet,

but I can tell you I've got quite a good bruise + am moving slow."

Most in the crowd at the Tampa show on Wednesday didn't catch it, including the Tampa Bay Times reviewer, which begs the question: If Billy Corgan falls at a concert and no one notices, did it really happen?

Judge for yourself and catch his nasty spill after the jump. Pay close attention at 00:19.