Earl Sweatshirt Is Hip-Hop's Most Interesting Rapper

Of all the genres in the musical universe, hip-hop maintains the healthiest level of competition. It's an art form partially founded on the basic principles of battling, bragging, and shutting down the other guy.

In today's fast-changing landscape, a new generation of rappers is emerging, the most skilled of which tend more toward thoughtful introspection and well-crafted lyricism than the 10-cent beat with repetitive chorus formula so prominent this past decade.

Compton's Kendrick Lamar has established himself as a clear leader in that regard. Chart-toppers like Drake have found their stride embracing their more honest and vulnerable side. But with all the Mac Millers, Chance the Rappers, and the Underachievers, it's OFWGKTA's Earl Sweatshirt who poses the most interesting threat for the throne.

Only 20 years old, his life story already unfolds like a historic drama, and his skills as a wordsmith go arguably unmatched. He's coming to the stage at Revolution Live on Saturday, so we listed just a few reasons Earl Sweatshirt may be the most interesting rapper you'd be blessed to witness.

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