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Broward Hip-Hop Gets A Supergroup: The Party Monsters

Everyone loves a rap supergroup.  From newer crews like Slaughterhouse and EMC to older classics like the Firm and Crooklyn Dodgers; rarely is the whole greater than the sum of its parts but they're still pretty damn entertaining.  Now introducing, for the first time ever, Bonus, Dirty Dem, GAPS, Jabrjaw and Protoman as the Party Monsters.  5 MCs, two of which also produce, no DJ (I'm looking at you Dee Dubbs and/or Rob Riggs) and a whole lot of trouble.

A union most likely forge while highly intoxicated, these five rap frat boys have formed like a shit-faced Voltron ready to terrorize your house party and fuck with you while you're passed out.  Making their coming out official today is the Party Monsters' debut track "Born To Roll," a hot little number over the classic Masta Ace track of the same name. And while they haven't pulled off getting all 5 members on the same track yet they have, as a group, managed to break several tables during a dance-fight, warrant multiple pregnancy tests and finish the rest of the beer in you refrigerator while you were reading this blog.

Download The Party Monster's "Born To Roll", a sweet little taste of things to come.

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