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Livid Records -- Sometime Label Home to the Getback, Pool Party, the Crumbs -- to Release Final Record

Our post on the fifth-year anniversary of Livid Records.

Boca-based Livid Records has been a staple in the local music scene for just over five years. Now, the label that has released music by such acts as the Getback, Lil Daggers, Pool Party, and the Crumbs is closing up shop. Is this a tragedy? Sort of, actually, but Chuck Livid seems certain it's time for the party to come to an end, at least according to this post on his website. We'll be speaking with him later today for more details.

But for now, here's what we got from his declaration. Lack of support from the community sucks, hurting him financially and personally. The final release will be Bulletproof Tiger's eponymous seven-inch, out in September. Shortly after, distribution of Livid's records will cease. Of the decision to put a period at the end of the label's sentence with this particular band, Livid says:

"I've decided to end the Livid Records' run by releasing Miami's Bulletproof Tiger because it represents what this label has always been about- Friendship. I've known some of the guys in Bulletproof since I was 15. I feel ending this whole thing surrounded by friends is the appropriate way to go."

He's grateful to have worked with the bands on the label and to those who supported Livid Records, the sound guys, his wife Helena Garcia... everyone. Even us journalists got a shoutout. He closed with this comment:

"I'll end this piece by stealing a line from the last issue of Punk Planet and say- 'After this, the fight is yours.'"

More to come on this sad loss to the South Florida music community.