Countdown to Warped Tour: A Survival Kit

Thus far we've informed you on what some of your favorite bands think about Warped Tour, but with Tropical Storm Bonnie projected to hit South Florida this weekend, we're thinking you might want to be extra prepared for the show today.

You're lucky we're overpackers. We've come up with a comprehensive list of every possible thing we think you might need to enjoy the festival -- and to avoid walking around drenched. There may be too much stuff we think you should bring, but hey, better safe than sorry, right?

Oh, and just for being a good sport and battling the rain tomorrow, we're giving you a free Warped Tour Digital Sampler with 10 free songs to jam out to while you're headed over there. You're welcome.

Okay, so we've checked the weather reports religiously, and just like at pretty much every other Warped Tour in South Florida, it will be raining. Speaking as someone who's battled the elements at pretty much every show, here's your no-fail guide to keeping yourself happy -- and your electronics dry.

Bring Ziplock bags.
You know, the slider bags that literally have zip closures. My best guess is you'll need at least four of those freezer-sized baggies. Put your wallet, cell phone, and MP3 player in one. You might also want to put your Warped Tour ticket (souvenir!), any autographs you might get, and your camera. 

Bring a backpack.
In this case, size doesn't matter. Just bring something that will be easy to lug around and keep everything safe from harm's way. There will be moshing. There will be mud. Do you really want all your stuff to fly out of your pockets, or your favorite purse to get damaged? Try to bring a plastic bag -- think what you get when you buy something from a store -- and put all of your stuff in that bag, then in the backpack. This will add an extra layer of water protection, and once you're done with all of your trash, you can use that bag to store it in.

Wear Rain boots... or Sneakers.
We're all about stating the obvious, here. Don't wear sandals, unless you want to have muddy feet. Rain boots would be the ideal choice, but if you don't have any, wear sneakers, and bring an extra pair of socks in your backpack. Trust us.

Bring baby wipes.
Baby wipes are the cure-all for most disasters you might experience at Warped Tour. Face sweaty? Wipe it down. Stain your shirt with some ketchup? Wipe it off. They sell them in those "to go" packs that are much easier to carry around.

Bring a poncho.
You won't be the only one. You can score a cheap one at your neighborhood drugstore, and they come sealed in a tiny square, making for optimal space saving.

Wear a hat.
You might not think so, but even through the rain, there's still some UV rays shining down. I've suffered from many a burned scalp because of this. Protect that noggin with a hat -- and it doubles as a rain shield, keeping your hair a bit drier.

Download the Warped Tour Phone App.
The Warped Tour's been nice enough to create an App for both iPhones and Android phones. It's free, and will help you keep track of set times and what bands you want to see, without having to walk up to that huge board every time. If you don't have either phone, you can always go to to see exactly what's happening when.

Bring snacks.
You know, those sealed little packs they sell at grocery stores. Granola bars, candy, sandwiches: The goal here is to bring something that will keep your energy up.

Bring water.
We're not sure of the exact liquid limits for this year's show, but in previous Warped Tours, they tend to allow water bottles, as long as the seal at the top hasn't been broken through. 

Bring Towels.
Nothing's worse than getting in the car after a day-long festival all soggy or sweaty, to sit in a car and bring all of that filth with you. Line up the towels on the car seats, that way when you get back, you can wipe down and sit directly on the towel, avoiding any stains on your precious car's interior.