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Blond Fuzz Cracks Open Perfect Breakfast Album Cover and Tracklisting

Photo by Ian Witlen
Before riotous Boca rockers Blond Fuzz gets to be known as a retro cover act -- recent Tina Turner and Velvet Underground revamps are doing wonders for that rumor we just started -- the upcoming release of new album Perfect Breakfast will bring the focus back to the guys' own songwriting. And along with that comes a cover for the release designed by local photographer Monica McGivern.

"It ties in with the theme and the entire concept of the album perfectly," says singer Jordy Asher.

"Not just that, but it isn't an image you forget after looking at it." See for yourself, and read about McGivern's inspiration for the cover below.

Blond Fuzz - Perfect Breakfast

October 23, 2010

Monica McGivern, on creating the cover:
Jordan sent me the album so that I could listen to it for inspiration... After a couple days of listening to the music (as well as Love Handles and the Dewars), I began

creating a folder of visual inspirations such as results from stock

photography searches for "black magic" and classic album covers such as the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers. I also looked over album covers

from bands such as Spoon, Beck, and Velvet Underground as I felt those

vibes were hinted at through Blond Fuzz's new album. Once I began

shooting, it was pretty clear that I wanted to keep a simple graphic

element to the design. It really wasn't a long, drawn-out process; in

fact, I almost felt that the image happened too easily! Once I saw the

image in the frame, I knew I had captured exactly what I had envisioned. I

was a little worried about Jordan, Jeff, and David liking it but only

because I was becoming so attached to the image. If they didn't like it, I

had other ideas, but this image just made sense to me on so many levels

that I was very relieved to hear that each of them really liked the


Perfect Breakfast tracklisting:

1. Black Magic Touch

2. Hey Jurassic

3. Cherries Charity

...4. Sharp Teeth

5. Stalker

6. Long Drop

7. Gypsy Davey

8. Too Strung Out With A Rock & Roll Band

9. The Gallows

10. Bones