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Interview: Lil Wayne, Nardwuar, and a Bag of Rap Snacks

It goes without saying that Nardwuar the Human Serviette is the best celebrity interviewer of all time. Drake knows this, so he decided to go long for a fellow Canadian and got this prime chat set up with Lil Wayne. As Passion of the Weiss points out, Weezy "may be the only rapper I prefer sober," and in that state, he is quite insightful about the history of hip-hop in his hometown of New Orleans and the various edible delights (pictured above) spun off from that culture.

It would not be a proper Nardwuar interview without a nerdy indie-rock curveball. New Orleans swamp funk keyboardist Quintron, a Weezy fan himself, can be happy to know that the rapper has now held one of his records, the "Tire Shop" seven-inch with King Lee.

Also, let's recall Nicki Minaj's lapdance for Lil Wayne during their tour stop at BankAtlantic Center. "I've been talking to Webster about creating more words, because there isn't any words to explain it," he says of the experience.

Just to get back to the Rap Snacks, if you've ever seen this man truly happy -- outside of picking NCAA number-one seeds -- it's here reminiscing about Big Tymers' sour-cream-and-dill variety. Watch below.

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