MP3 of the Day: "Cutting Teeth" by Diamond Hymen, Playing the American Legion This Saturday | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

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MP3 of the Day: "Cutting Teeth" by Diamond Hymen, Playing the American Legion This Saturday

Photo by Jeremy Harris
​In this 21st century world where even your grandmother's getting busy with the Facebooks, MySpacies, and Ashley Madisons, there's something mysterious and exotic and enticing about a young lady who can't be found anywhere on the interweb. So when a fanboy asks Google, Who is Diamond Hymen?, and gets absolutely nothing in return ... The intensity of his musical crush becomes almost unbearably massive. Dude needs data, pronto. 

Luckily then, there remain a few real-world matchmakers, such as local vinyl label Roofless Records, entirely dedicated to helping fanboy-idol hookups happen. And when asked, Who is Diamond Hymen?, Roofless head honcho Matt didn't sputter and shrug his shoulders like Google. Infinitely more knowledgeable than search engines, he said: "It's a one-woman project by Jasmine Varga, the former bassist and keyboardist from Sarasota psych punks Pharaoh Faucett. She sorta sounds like a psychedelic and raunchy Ace of Base by way of K Records pop." 

Umm ... Perfect! Now, download today's free track "Cutting Teeth," a super-exclusive rough cut from the demo tapes for Diamond Hymen's upcoming Roofless release. Then go meet the "heat wave synthesizer diva" face-to-face when she plays the American Legion alongside fellow mystery musician(s), Nashville's Outmode, as well as three of her more socially networked friends Dino Felipe, Flux Forces, and Goatslacker

Saturday, January 2. American Legion, 6445 NE Seventh Ave., Miami. Show starts at 9 p.m., and it's free.