Sick Puppies Coming to Respectable Street August 22

Respectable Street's 22nd Anniversary Party is coming up on August 22, and down-under rockers Sick Puppies have announced they'll be playing that same night. Sick Puppies are touring in support of their upcoming Tripolar album, their third studio album to date. As far as what they sound like, well think almost every nu-metal band around, mixed with Orgy's cover of Blue Monday, and you've got a pretty good idea of what Sick Puppies is all about. If you're a fan of the Smashing Pumpkins, give the Sick Puppies' version of "Cherub Rock" a listen on their MySpace page (or after the jump). Just don't do it for at least 30 minutes after eating.

Tickets aren't yet available, but check Respectable Street's website or stay tuned to Crossfade for more information.