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Young Scrilla, Broward-Based Rap Artist, Shot in Miami; Any Relation to Rick Ross Shooting?

It may be hard out here for a pimp, but why's it also gotta be hard for a nice guy making quality hip-hop? While filming a cameo in a Rocko video this weekend, Hollywood, Florida, rapper Andre Scott, whom we know as Young Scrilla, was shot in Overtown. 

The Miami Herald reported that though he was shot in the leg while sitting in his idling BMW, Scrilla is OK. Two other men who were with him in the car were also injured. Scott told the paper, "I don't have any idea who would do this. The crazy thing is, I don't have any enemies." 

And when we met Scrilla at King of Diamond for Rick Ross' God Forgives, I Don't album release party, where he performed alongside the Bawse, he was definitely not a guy with an attitude. His mom agreed with the assessment, though, that perhaps the two shootings are related.


HuffPo Miami wrote, "Young Scrilla's mother told Local 10 that she believes the two drive-bys are related, adding 'some get jealous.'" But only an hour earlier in the same area, three teenagers were also shot, and only one survived. So was it a random shooting spree, or two separate incidents, one with Scrilla as the main target? 

Scrilla works with Tru Story Entertainment, who hooked him up with Ross for the KoD party last August. Miami New Times interviewed the promotions company last year, who told the paper the story about how they met up with Ross. We couldn't get in touch with Tru Story for comment.

We'll keep you updated as the story unfolds.