Video: T-Pain and DJ Irie Battle at Parkwest

"You may be T-Pain and you got the mothafuckin' hits, but I'm DJ Irie and I'm the shit," boasted our hometown spindoctor at the DJ Battle that the Headliner Market Group had engineered to rock their "It's Actually Fly." party last Saturday night. But the Pain didn't let Irie get away with that. He calls himself the ringmaster, but I say he's the wizard - the force behind the curtain on many many many hip-hop and hip-pop hits.

Whatever you call him, right now he has a certain corner of the music industry on lock. Don't believe it? As he reminded Irie, he pulled up to the club on a tour bus while Irie arrived in a "regular car," and that our Heat's DJ came with some regular dudes and Pain brought along Bow Wow. It was combat for respect on the 1's and 2's and the two went head to head for over 2 hours. It was definitely all in fun for the duo and the crow because T-Pain ran through gaggles and gaggles of his club hits, stopping the track to add live vocals, and even gave us a taste of his newest banger, "Superman." Yes, it was actually fly.

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-- Raina McLeod