The Anti-WMC/Ultra Guide to the Weekend

Are you tired of hearing about Ultra yet? Do you want nothing to do with wearing neon colors, sunglasses at night, and glow sticks? We certainly are.

So, while the masses flock to Miami for the weekend, find a safe haven in the Broward and Palm Beach counties with the anti-raving folk. Ok, a few of the events might be in Miami, but we promise they're far away from Ultra.

From midnight shopping markets to a weird 80s night, and some local music, there is no shortage of things to do instead of dropping ecstasy to dubstep. Bonus: a whole lot of the events on our anti-guide are free!

Check out our full list of events after the jump.

10. Midnight Market at the Green Room - Shopping handmade and crafts at midnight?! What could be better? I know we love a little drunk shopping. Throw in the sounds of Astrea Corp, Boxwood, and some Reckless Dames performances, sounds like a helluva Saturday night. More info here.

9. Lavola at Respectable Street - You know we've got a lot of love for the West Palm Beach trio, Lavola. So why not go show them some of yours? More info here.

8. Flute Salad - If you feel like getting a little weird with music editor, Liz Tracy. You might want to hop on over to Lester's for 80s night. More info here.

7. Wayward Parade Fest Miami - Holly Hunt, Goddamn Hustle, Diablo Dimes, and the list goes on and on. Two stages and a full lineup of local acts to support. Seems nicer than sitting at Ultra supporting DJs you've never heard of. More info here.

6. To Be Hated, 707s, & Blood in the Bathroom at Radio-Active Records - A free show?!? Can you believe those still exist? We can't. But, our friends over at Radio-Active Records love to give back to the music community, so return the love. And go buy some records while you're at it. More info here.

5. Beach Day, Skinny Jimmy & the Stingrays at Dada - Surf rock is all the rage right now, and we love hearing it way more than dubstep. And so should you. Another free show. More info here.

4. Tonstarssbandht, Mothersky, Universal Expansion & Weird Wives at the Snooze - $5 for 4 bands? How unheard of is that nowadays? Bet you can't find a show at WMC for that price. Drink mimosas in the morning and head out to this at night. More info here.

3. The State of at New Moon Bar - Steph and Nabedi are quite the talented lady duo, and they're doing a free show in Wilton Manors. Fans of Tegan and Sara: do not miss this. More info here.

2. Haitian Empty Food Bowl Fundraiser - How about being a little selfless this weekend? Eat a whole lot and save some children in Haiti. More info here.

1. Skillet Sundays at the Bubble - Who the hell doesn't love brunch? The folks at the Bubble are turning things up a notch on Sunday Funday. Get that liver prepared for a whole lot of mimosa time. More info here.

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