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South Shores Tavern Hosting Invisible Music, Grey & Orange, Northwood Social Club on Saturday

By now, County Grind devotees know that the satisfyingly deafening, filthy-blues rock outfit known as Stonefox is having its heralded "official" reunion this Saturday at Propaganda. But not many are aware that another remarkable gig is occurring in Lake Worth just down the street at the South Shores Tavern. Had it been any other day, this performance by John Ralston's eight-member-strong blissful folk rock-ensemble, Invisible Music, with local supergroup Grey & Orange -- a three-piece consisting of bass player Dan Bonebrake (formerly of Dashboard Confessional), guitarist/vocalist Greg Lovell, and drummer Jesse Dalton (both of Black Finger) -- would have taken top billing. These two bands just don't get together all that often, and every time that they do, something musically awe-inspiring occurs on stage.

But due to all the drama surrounding the skuzzy guys from Stonefox, Invisible Music/Grey & Orange's gig has been relegated to the back pages. So it goes. We bet there will be a handful of people scooting back and forth between the two venues, though.

We also noticed that a group we had never heard of, Northwood Social

Club (no MySpace yet), is slated to open the night. Lake Worth's own

Tom Petty, Gregg Lovell, who describes the Grey & Orange project he

is a part of as "a power trio cock-rock band which only plays strip

clubs," tells us that Northwood Social Club is a conglomerate of local

musicians who draw numbered balls out of a basket to see who will be

jamming that evening. Lovell, who is a Northwood member, jokingly

added, "We are breaking away from the original mission to play shows

only in Loxahatchee and to perform only one amazing tune: 'Cat's in the

Alley,' our anthem!" We are not quite sure how much of Lovell's

statements are true, but it sounds like a good time either way.

Invisible Music. With Grey & Orange and Northwood Social Club. 8

p.m. Saturday, May 29. South Shores Tavern, 502 Lucerne Ave., Lake

Worth. Click here.