Rodney Mayo on the Short Life of Dubliner in Fort Lauderdale

Most of us did a double take when we read the news that the Dubliner in Fort Lauderdale was shuttering its doors and being sold only a year into its residency in the Himmershee district.

What could have gone wrong? Every time we were there to check out a gig, the place seemed packed, well, somewhat. Coupled with the Vagabond closing down south in Miami, we began to wonder what was going on at the Subculture Group. The Palm Beach County-based conglomerate headed by nightlife impresario Rodney Mayo had its hands in Vagabond and owned the Dubliner. Is this group of restauranteurs and nightclub purveyors facing hard times? Or perhaps they just dumping deadweight.

New Times caught up with the ever-industrious Mr. Mayo for a few minutes to get the scoop. Seems like the Dubliner in Fort Lauderdale didn't attract the right crowd Mayo had envisioned and the Vagabond, well its time had come and gone. Read our interview with Mayo after the jump.

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