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Machine Gun Kelly Hocks a Booze Loogie into the Mouth of a Rabid Groupie

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Last July, County Grind spoke with Machine Gun Kelly -- a 22 year old Cleveland-bred lone wolf Beastie Boy with a hip-hop-crust fashion sensibility -- about "frat rap," a hip-hop variant epitomozed by unabashedly suburban white rappers. Think Asher Roth and Mac Miller. Put simply, MGK doesn't take the subject lightly.
"That shit is wack as fuck," he exclaimed to CG contributor Arielle Castillo. "It's like, go take your talents and your fucking education that you fucking have, and do something, man. Don't interfere with my lane and take food off my table." 
Well, according to TMZ, Kelly can be frattier than the crossdressing scavenger hunts of Rush Week. We've got two words for you: Vodka loogie! Check the jump for the video.

The hocking took place this past Sunday at the San Bernadino edition of touring hip-hop festival, Rock The Bells, and the exchange greatly resembled an action that might be undertaken by John Belushi's character in Animal House

It also got us wondering about what Machine Gun Kelly will incorporate into his stage show next. Beer pong and roofies? At this rate, we wouldn't be surprised if this spawned a whole subgenre off of frat rap called toga hop.