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Video: Dr. Dre's "Kush" a Blend of Flash and Product Placement

After getting jacked, pushing back the release of long-awaited Detox, mentoring Lakers forward Ron Artest, and slinging headphones that give you Tinnitus after about ten minutes, Dr. Dre just dropped his latest single. "Kush" features Snoop Dogg, Akon, and a deep, stripped-down beat that screams Dre after about two milliseconds.

Now, its not exactly Pulitzer-worthy journalism for me to argue this one is going to be a hit (after all, Snoop's duet with Katy Perry was inescapable this summer), but it is pretty clear that this track will be spinning in clubs late into the winter nights. This is probably a good thing.

While the music video's venue looks a little too much like that of Dre's recent Dr. Pepper commercial, it's a very cool vid that blends themes from your typical hip-hop video (hot girls), a David Fincher film (slow-motion) and a dash of Disney's forthcoming TRON: Legacy (fast cars, pretty lights).

But, I've got to admit that the Ciroc, Beats by Dre and HP Computer

shout-outs that start just after the 2-minute mark could've been handled

a little less shamelessly.