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Respectable Street Hosts Valentine's Tattoo Contest for the Ladies

Attention all you inked folks who have woman parts or identify as female: Screw chocolates and roses. We heard about a better way than sniffing flowers and shoveling sweets in your face to spend Valentine's Day. Respectable Street is holding their very first event "Inked Ladies: A Valentine's Day Tattoo Contest" tonight.

Event co-chair of Respectable Street Cindy Sennett came up with the idea with her husband Alan a year ago. "There's such an amazing pool of talent in the tattoo field in our area, and the work they are doing is top-notch," she says, "We see so many girls at the club with such beautiful and creative artwork on their skin. It seems natural to us to celebrate that art and give some recognition to those who create it and wear it every day."

And about the venue where she works, she adds, "It has always been the great melting pot for the subculture in Palm Beach County." Besides showing off their awesome, tats, ladies also get to drink free all night at Respectables, because, there are some perks to womanhood, like cheap drunkenness.

Particularly notable tattoos she mentioned were those of one of their bartenders. "Rebecca and three other friends have X-Ray glasses tattooed on their forearms so they can swing them up in front of their eyes. Rebecca also has an amazing sugar skull on her chest, with fried eggs for eyes & bacon strips instead of bones behind it, a 'milk mustache' on an index finger, a hot dog on her foot and countless other pieces, some of which I probably haven't even seen." Sounds like some tough competition!

If all goes well tonight, Cindy states that they'd "love to make it an annual event."

Event rules: Already tatted females register at 10 to 11:30 p.m. for a chance to win a $25 bar tab for their works of art. Categories include full arm/sleeve, single arm piece, single leg piece, full leg, body/torso piece, back piece, chest piece and "everything else." New categories may also be added. A $100 bar tab will go to the winner of the coveted "Best Overall" prize from the category winners so yeah, someone is walking away with a $125 bar tab (share, please). At midnight, the contest will take place.

Inked Ladies: A Valentine's Day Tattoo Contest. 10 p.m. Friday, February 14, at Respectable Street. 518 Clematis Steet, West Palm Beach. Call 561-832-9999, or visit Facebook.

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