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Black Friday's Midnight Market - Green Room - June 8

The lights were dim and Green Room was pulsing, alive with the spirit of the weekly Goth-night extravaganza Black Friday. By the time the party really got going, it was 2 a.m., and though it was past bedtime, even for some of the most seasoned Goths, the crowd didn't seem anywhere near the point of calling it quits. Couples were grinding on the dance floor as guest DJ Alex Delliance pumped out a variety of industrial remixes of Goth favs.

Last week, resident DJ LinderSMASH -- who won the 2012 New Times Best Of award for Club DJ -- provided us with a what-to-wear guide for Goth newbies. "That's the thing with Goth kids," LinderSMASH jokes, "They don't show up before midnight no matter what the fuck you do."

It was true, the venue was virtually a ghost-land before the clock

struck midnight. We were fearing an all-out bust. Luckily, though, way after dark, the bats left their caves and entered Green Room. "What'd I tell ya!" LinderSMASH shouted as he pointed at

the time on his cell phone, keeping true to the Cinderella-esque vibe of the evening.

The downstairs featured several tables of local vendors

for a Goth style swap meet, selling everything from used records and handmade fascinators and pasties,

to etched drinking glasses and sex toys (which, by the looks of them,

were thankfully perfectly new and in their original packaging). The turnout was a little slim on the vendor side, but that didn't stop the latex, spiked, and corseted party-goers one bit from buying away.

Boobie-tastles and flowers galore!
Just after midnight, the lights went completely out, the stage lit only by red filters focused on a giant hot pink dryer (as in the kind you use to dry your clothes). As if by magic, the dryer-door swung open and a naughty French maid appeared, better known as Miss Jezebelle Red. The burlesque performance was short-and-sweet, much like the lovely Miss Jezebelle herself.

DJ LinderSMASH, without hesitation, took to the decks and made sure the crowd that'd gathered for the peep-show stayed on the dance floor. There was hardly any standing room by the time we left the mob, who danced well into the night.

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