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Marilyn Manson Cofounder Daisy Berkowitz Scores Fetish Film Snatched

Friend of County Grind Scott Putesky (or Daisy Berkowitz, or SMP, or that guy who joined Kill Miss Pretty recently) has lent some dark, sexy original music to a new fetish film titled Snatched. Although a news release provided some of the details, it was completely necessary to venture over to BDSM sex-toy haven to uncover the rest.

The Los Angeles adult studio putting out the project,

GwenMedia, was more than pleased to attach the musical

sensibilities of Putesky -- who is participating in Let Your Ego Die: A Tribute to the Spooky Kids at Churchill's later this month -- to this project. His film credits already include music

for David Lynch's Lost Highway, Strange Days, and SFW. Based upon a recent conversation with Putesky, it seems that he was equally charmed by the prospect of pairing some of his existing recorded instrumentals with some quality fetish entertainment.

In reading the description for the actual film, we come to find out that Snatched is the means to "become mesmerized in a latex world of lusty abduction, where love, sex,

and bizarre torments will not only excite you, but torment your desires

into a throbbing state." By the way, "the film's sexy, hair-raising action puts the actresses -- clad in shiny

skin-tight latex -- through a broad-ranging fetish repertoire that

includes breath control; strap-on play; bondage; and a wicked electrosex

scene..." Read on, and pick up a copy here, pleasure seekers.