Swans Return to Respectable Street on October 17

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Earplugs were as useful an accessory as earrings at the last South Florida Swans show at Respectable Street. The slow, heavy, and beautiful sounds of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira and the rest of Swans brought "really loud" as an idea to a reality.

At the September 15 show, the venue wasn't packed, but it certainly drew in all sorts of fans of the experimental from all over southern Florida to West Palm Beach. Not a stoner in the crowd wasn't entranced by the performance. New Times writer Matt Preira was particularly impressed by percussionist Thor, who whipped out, among other things, chimes and a clarinet onstage.

This year, Swans return to Respectable Street on October 17, and South Floridians will be reminded what beauty can lie within Swans' extreme volumes.