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Garage Tapes: Dan Black Meets Dirty Hairy

Normally, I prefer to spend my time and money in clubs that look, feel, and smell like actual garages. But this past Wednesday, I chose instead to spend my time and money in the sex dens of that 21st century disco Sodom, otherwise known as LIV. The night was long, sleazy, and decadent to the point of being depraved. After all, LIV's the kind of place where a young girl in silver lame leggings will eagerly pour champagne down your pants for a nominal fee. 

Then at 1 a.m., Brit electro-indie-art-rock-retro-pop guy Dan Black stepped under swirling stage lights for a 20-minute set of songs from his new album UN. He posed and played to the audience. But the party people seemed restless, which is understandable 'cause "Symphonies" isn't exactly the perfect soundtrack for public sex. The crowd just wanted its fuck music back. 

In any case, this mixed scene of mutual apprehension and sexual tension didn't kill anyone. It just provoked Black into making the most genial yet cutting crowd taunt I've heard in a long time: "You will be bored with me by the end of the year, so enjoy this moment when you don't know who I am."