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Five Albums in Astrea Corporation's Current Rotation

In a music industry that's so oversaturated with trendy electronic music, the sultry trip-hop sounds of Lake Worth's Astrea Corporation offer a refreshing change. It's almost difficult

to place the group into just one category,

as its talent and music break the barriers of any single

genre. But if we had to, it'd be something along the lines of soulfully haunting. Constantly growing and experimenting, Astrea Corporation is

certainly one local act to keep an eye on.

Tomorrow night, Astrea Corp. will perform alongside fellow Black Locust Society members at 5 Points Lounge in Fort Lauderdale. We asked them to share five albums in their current rotation.

Take a peek at the list after the jump. 

 5. Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music
 Killer Mike is hella underrated. Atlanta is a breeding ground for

insanely talented MCs, Mike is no exception. Added with El-P's

production and you have an album that shadows back to Public Enemy/Bomb Squad grit.

4. Tricky - Maxinquaye (Deluxe Remastered Version)
This album was the catalyst that inspired us to form Astrea Corp. in the

first place. The demos and remixes on the second disc delve even deeper

into the gloom and despair. Perfect for late-night drives.

 3. Lavola - Leaving Paris
 These guys are making some of the most intelligent and amazing rock

music around, locally or otherwise. Glad to call these guys our


2. Young Magic - Melt
Dilla-inspired drum patterns, oozing gooey bass lines. It literally

sounds like it's melting. Vocals echoing like acid-soaked mantras. Psychedelic and humid. Summer listening recommended.

 1. Lorn - Ask the Dust

 Got sent an advance copy of this record, haven't stopped playing it since. Dark, menacing, ugly.

BLS954, with performances from Bleubird, Protoman, Astrea Corporation,

Jabrjaw, and Gaps; DJs Sensitive Side and Chair Weiner; and live screen

printing by Jinx Remover. 10 p.m. Friday, May 25, at 5 Points Lounge,

2608 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. $5 cover. This is a monthly

event. Click here.

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