Fully Committed: A Restaurant's Reservations Line Inspires Tour-de-Force Theater

Sean McLelland's scenic design for the Broward Center's Fully Committed is a prop-heavy treasure box that begs for more scrutiny than most audiences will give it. Minor details and unexplained trinkets fill the space — a Goodfellas poster, a baseball in a Lucite cube, a woman's purse, Christmas lights, and multicolored Post-its plastered everywhere like the ravings of a lunatic.

Take all the props away and you'll have an ominous brick basement with dim lighting. It houses the reservations department at a hundred-dollar-a-plate Manhattan restaurant, but without all the clutter, it would be a fine place to enhance-interrogate somebody. Only Sam Peliczowski (John Manzelli), the phone jockey for the restaurant's perennially buzzing line, doesn't need assistance in that department; the job itself is torturous enough.