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Song Spotlight: Jigg - "Over (Freestyle)"

In what's seeming to be the instrumental of the moment, you couldn't log online or download a mixtape for a week or so without hearing yet another "Over" freestyle. "Over" being the first single from Drake's official debut album, Thank Me Later. With months of hype surrounding the ominous first single from Drake, as soon as it dropped - eager rappers everywhere took to their recording studios of preference to record their own interpretations of the insta-classic instrumental.

Saying that everyone and their mother has an "Over" freestyle is an understatement. But among the dozens of local artists who have jumped on the track, one stood out most. That being the version done by Miami's own Jigg. What stands out about his version of "Over" is that without fail, Jigg drives his presence with confidence like no other. Yeah, he has style and yeah, he has a good flow. But his dominating persona and willingness to gladly proclaim himself as the best doing it - is what puts him over the top.

Jigg rides both sequences of the beat as if the song was originally his own. His minute and a half verse is filled with a couple hip-hop styled similes sprinkled next to a few references to Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Richard Nixon, and others. What's great about freestyles such as this as this is that you can just hear an artist let loose and show their wordplay and what they're really about. Without a doubt, Jigg does just that and shows you his hunger to be the name next in line whenever you are looking to hear about hip-hop in Miami and beyond. Download Jigg's "Over" freestyle below

MP3: Jigg - Over (Freestyle)